At New Vision Window Tinting we offer a huge range of car window tinting products for all kinds of vehicles.

Whether it’s commuting to work or just for leisure, driving your car should be an enjoyable experience!

Not only do all of our car window tinting films reject 99% of damaging UV Radiation, they will dramatically reduce the heat gain on the windows providing a significantly more comfortable experience and attractive cool look and feel.

We have a wide range of films, so depending on your requirements of enhancing the style and appearance of your vehicle, controlling heat, UV & glare, or to protect your interior from fading – we have something to suit you.

Furthermore, our highly experienced Car Window Tinting team have the expertise to provide you with the highest quality finish and service so you can rest assured that you’re dealing with the best, satisfaction is guaranteed!

Car Window Tinting, Car Wraps, Car Paint Protection and Reverse Sensors Installations at Maroochydore, Caloundra, Noosa – Sunshine Coast

Let’s get your vehicle get wrap with high quality 3M Vehicle Wrap.

Partial to whole car wrapping, the design possibilities are endless, from personality ride design to professional advertising wrapping, just contact us and get your car wrap now.

Reverse Sensors

At New Vision Window Tinting, we offer few extra services on vehicles such as Reverse Sensors installations, if you want to learn more please contact us.

Parking sensor window tinting

With our special Paint Film Protection say goodbye to any fading and premature aging and hello to an intense shine that will last.

Detailed features
  • An intense shine
  • Low maintenance (only one application)
  • Resistant to tree sap and bird poo
  • Extra UV protection to prevent fading and premature aging
  • Hydrophobic coating

Our mission at New Vision Window Tinting is to keep your car, 4WD, ute, truck, van or even trailer clear from rust.

We offer a wide range of rust protection, always meeting your requirements.

Rust will not only damage the look of your car, it will also eats away machinery parts which can sometimes leads to severe performance and safety issues.

Contact us now and our highly experiences team will get you a customised quote for your vehicle!