Why Get Window Tinting?

Selecting the right window film for your home & office can be a difficult choice considering the amount of window films available, at New Vision Window Tinting we try to make the whole process as simple as possible by establishing a thorough understanding of your needs first and foremost and then offer the best advice and solutions to help you make the best decision.

The home is the biggest investment that some of us make in our lives and it is also where we spend half of our lives, why not make it that much more comfortable and enjoyable by installing a window film that can reduce the heat gain by up to 84%, minimise annoying glare and improve safety and security from unwanted intruders.

Whilst natural sunlight is so important within our lives for vitamin D, happiness and light, it unfortunately also increases the heat gain, glare and harmful UV radiation within the home. Installation of window tint films can be the perfect solution to overcome some of these problems by eliminating 99% of UV rays, reducing the glare significantly and either reducing the heat gain or maintaining an internal climate.

At New Vision Window Tinting, Sunshine Coast we specialise in residential and commercial window tinting and with our wide variety of architectural films to choose from, we have a window film solution to suit your needs.

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Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tinting for your home & office is an economical and efficient way of making a huge impact for the comfort and appearance of your home. With constant R & D and technological advances of our window films, the performance of our energy efficient window films is increasingly improving and subsequently remain economical.

Some of the benefits of window tinting your windows include the following:

  • Eliminate 99% UV radiation
    Regardless of which film you select from our range of window tint films, it will reject 99% of UV radiation!
  • Reduction of heat gain by up to 84%
    Depending on which film you select for your home, it will effectively reduce the heat gain on your windows dramatically.
  • Reduction of glare by up to 94%
    Our window films are hugely beneficial for reducing glare and establishing a much more comfortable experience at home.
  • Reduction of heat loss by up to 35%
    All window films will similarly reduce heat loss like they do when reducing heat gain, it’s just a case of selecting a film to suit your requirements.
  • Improve privacy
    All our window films will look darker from the outside, therefore offering a huge improvement to the privacy within the home.
  • Improve safety & security
    By keeping glass safely bound together during a breakage, all of our window films greatly improve the safety of the glass and the security at the same time
  • Improve aesthetics
    Installation of a window film on your glass will offer a slick look to your windows and doors and improve the value of your property at the same time.
  • Improve comfort
    With reduced heat gain, glare and UV radiation, our window films offer a huge improvement to the comfort within the home.
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Window Security & Safety

Although commonly called window security film, it is better known as safety film! Our Clear Safe range of window films are safety films which offer the strength and capability of increasing the structural integrity of glass when it is smashed or broken.

Considering that the windows on a building are the weak link on a building it’s no wonder that Safety film has been sold as window security film due to it’s ability to keep unwanted intruders out of the building during a break in as it is extremely difficult to work your way through the film once the glass has been broken.

Although safety film is most commonly clear, we do have a tinted safety film available for those that wish to improve the safety or security of their windows and have the benefits of a window tint film at the same time.

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Why get Decorative Window Tinting?

Installation of decorative window films has the potential to either make or break your glass, so to speak! It is therefore crucial that when selecting a film to decorate your glass whether it is a window, division wall or door that you seek advice from a professional to help guide you into making the best decision possible and make your windows blend (not conflict) with your décor.

From flowing flowery patterns to simple straight lines or squares, New Vision Window Tinting has a range of decorative window films to choose from and add a little decoration to your home or office.

As a business that takes great pride in offering not just the supply and installation of decorative window films but a team of professionals that offer real solutions, New Vision Window Tinting, Sunshine Coast is here to assist so please call one of our friendly team members now to arrange a free measure up.

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